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Welcome to Pickleball Bunbury!

The fastest growing sport in Australia and around the world!!!

It's time to put on your sneakers, grab a paddle, and get ready to experience the hottest sports craze to sweep through the Bunbury area.... PICKLEBALL!!! Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a complete newbie, this sport is all about fun, community and inclusivity. Imagine the energy of tennis, the strategy of badminton and the camaraderie of a neighbourhood BBQ, all rolled into one! That's Pickleball for you! And guess what? You can learnt to play this fantastic sport in no time at all.

Pickleball is a paddle sport you can learn in minutes and play for a lifetime. Its been described as a scaled down version of tennis, and scaled up version of pingpong (table tennis), played on a badminton sized court which creates a sport that is fun and suitable for all ages and skill levels. 

Pickleball is played indoors and outdoors as long as the surface is hard for the ball to bounce. We play socially and competitively in both singles and doubles formats. In Pickleball, we use a solid paddle to hit a plastic ball with holes in it (called a whiffle ball) over a net.

 It isn't just a sport.... It's a way of life!...

**POSTPONED** Have you secured your table for our Annual Pickleball Bunbury Quiz night on Saturday the 8th of June 2024?  Get ready for an awesome night of fun games and many laughs to be had. · Read more
Exciting news from our new online club shop!  I'm thrilled to share some exciting news that we've been eagerly working on behind the scenes for months – the launch of our brand new Club Shop! We're now accepting preorders for the entire month, from 19th of March 2024, to 19th of April 2024. Our products have been carefully selected for their quality and excellence, ensuring you receive nothing but the best from our shop. · Read more
Pickleball Bunbury is all about breaking down barriers and building bridges – one paddle swing at a time. We're not your typical sporting club; we're a vibrant community that welcomes everyone with open arms. No matter your age, background, fitness level, or experience, you'll find a place here. So, whether you're 18 or 80, lace-up those shoes because Pickleball is for you! · Read more

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